Any man or woman who enjoys and/or partakes in three or more of the following: Excessive amounts of sleep (greater than twelve hours per day); voluntary unemployment, unless a stay-at-home mom or dad; promiscuous sex; excessive smoking, drinking, or consumption of drugs; living as a fat person (and we don't mean 10 or 20 lbs. overweight, either!); auto racing; tobacco chewing; public displays of belching, flatulence, and/or butt or crotch scratching; massive consumption of junk food; attending monster truck rallies or wrestling events, and/or viewing them on television (especially pay-per-view); wearing cowboy hats to such events as weddings and christenings, or to such places as the supermarket; divorcing more than twice; striving to be a rock or country star; living in a mobile home that has already been damaged by a tornado; pridng him- or herself on being known as a "redneck"; lining up to ride a mechanical bull; bragging about the number of times one has been arrested or incarcerated; priding him- or herself on the act that he or she never graduated high school or obtained a GED; one who has enthusiastically yelled any of the following at a golf tournament: "You da man!", "Go, boy!", "Get on outta dere!", "Yee haw!", or "Woooooh!!"; one who will gladly tell you the story of how he or she lost his or her teeth; saving proofs of purchase to buy "Marlboro gear"; anyone who takes out and cleans his or her dentures at the dinner table; one who thinks spending more than $10.00 on a "formal" dinner plate as a wedding gift is ridiculous; and finally, anyone who visits and enjoys this site.


Uhhh...Nothing new. Stuff still sucks. Thank you, drive thru!

We here at the Scum Shopping Network cater to the home shopping needs of the scumbag. If you do not spot any familiar traits within the "scumbag" definition, you're probably not being very honest with yourself. Otherwise, you're either an uptight prude or simply so heinous (heh-heh....I said "anus") that you aren't worthy of even being called a "scumbag". Offended? Tough shit! Point your browser elsewhere. The world wide web is a big place.

PLEASE NOTE: Photos of the Scumqueens throughout this site do not necessarily reflect how the Scumqueens appear today, in the year 2003. Most pics were taken between the years 1992 and 1996. Not that you give a damn, but we thought we'd waste some space by pointing that out. Thank you, drive thru!

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Welcome, from America's Scumqueens!

Scumdog Axel
1986 - 2003.

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