The Original SSN Mascot, Scumdog Axel: 1986 - 2003

On January 2, 2003, the SSN family (specifically, Scumqueen Amy) lost a beloved family member. "Axel", a Pekingnese, died in his sleep at Amy's parents' home. He was not quite 17-years-old.

Although he was considered my Mom's dog, and I was his "sissy", Axel possessed a large portion of my heart. We got him in May of 1986 when he was only about 6-weeks-old. I was sick in bed with the flu when my mother brought in our new family member. Axel was just a tiny, black puppy, literally only a handful. He was kind of scared and trembling, but I took him, comforted him, and he relaxed. Soon he was up and trying to walk around, but his legs were so little, he'd go into splits whenever trying to walk on the floor!

As years went by, Axel became a true friend, a loyal companion. He was a great protector, sounding a lot larger than his little self when he barked at visitors knocking on the door. We can only guess how many burglars he might have chased away over the many years he was with us.

In his heyday, Axel enjoyed watching TV, especially anything featuring feet. He'd sit on his rear-end and bark his little butt off, waving his front paws at the screen, watching people's feet go by. Axel loved barking at the dog in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" as he chased the Principal Rooney around the outside of the house. He was also quite annoyed by Daffy Duck, barking and "waving" as the duck "Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!"-ed his way on screen.

Being a true "scum dog", Axel loved to hump legs (especially Scumqueen Steph's) and sometimes even arms. He'd grip my forearm between his front legs, stand on his back legs, and "air hump" away. Once we caught him humping a tree in the backyard. I can only hope it worked for him. As far as real sexual activities went, we never let poor Axel score.

We joke around quite a bit here on SSN (this IS a humor site, after all), but in all seriousness, my sweet lil' puppy dog will be sorely missed. I take comfort in knowing that he's now free of pain and discomfort in Heaven with his cat "sister", Precious, where they will spend eternity romping, playing, and sniffing each other's butts.

Bye, bye, Ax-me. Sissy loves you. Always.