The Scum Shopping Network Mission:

It is our mission here at SSN to provide America's scumbags with the finest and filthiest products and entertainment. We guarantee that every item purchased through ssn has been manufactured by hard-working sweatshop employees at our South Carolina and Arizona home offices, and comes with the SCUM seal of inspection. YES! Our president and vice-president thoroughly inspect every product before it leaves our posession on its journey to your disgusting hands. Rest assured, if it's from SSN, it's scummy!

We here at the Scum Shopping Network (SSN) do our damnedest to provide you, the scumbag, with the finest in high quality merchandise and entertainment at the world's lowest prices. We challenge you---Hell, we DARE you to find such fine products at lower prices Anywhere. And with not one, but two corporate headquarters, located in South Carolina and Arizona (Cities not disclosed, because we don't know you a**holes), we're guaranteed to have your selected items in stock or we'll come out and act as your personal slaves for the amount of time it takes to order and ship your merchandise. You can't beat that with a wet noodle (or your shriveled little dicks)!

With all this in mind, feel free to surf through our site. Navigation is easy with the Content section provided at the top of each page (no, dummy..the OTHER top!). Enjoy, and thank you for your interest in SSN!


SSN (Scum Shopping Network) is purely fictitious. In other words, this crap isn't real! The products are fake. Any resemblance to actual products, manufactured presently or in the past, is purely coincidental. Do NOT try ordering these products. Doing so will just make you look like a dumbass. This is NOT an "adult" site, in the traditional sense. There is nothing pornographic here, so get off our case if you've got a gripe. However, we do require that you, the viewer, be 17 years of age of older so that you may understand the greatness that is scum (in other words, I guess you could say this site ranges anywhere from PG-13 to R, dependig upon which page you're viewing). If you're not 17 or older you just won't get it, so GET LOST! Thank you very much.

SSN was "founded" in 1993 by Amy Schultz and Stephanie Granado (real people) when the two women, armed with warped minds and a camcorder, decided to satirize shop-at-home cable channels, the products they feature, the audience they cater to, and the blatantly pretentious hosts that hype all the merchandise. Since then, SSN has evolved to "radio" (i.e. audio cassettes) and now the internet.