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Beavis and Butthead's World

A site dedicated to our soulmates.


The ULTIMATE "South Park" Site!

Noah Wyle: Man or Animal?

Uhh..I'd say both! What a God!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU, NOAH!--Amy

The David Duchovny Page of Lust

Oooh, baby! Come to Steph-head! I LOVE YOU, DAVID!--Steph

Steve Martin

The ultimate tribute to Amy's comedic idol.

The John Belushi Tribute Page

Keep the memory of Belushi alive!

The Official George Carlin Site

Home of the seven dirty words you can't say on TV. Another of Amy's idols.


Live! From New York, it's....

Comedy Central

Home of "South Park" and other cool, funny stuff.

Lane Bryant

Real clothes for REAL women!

The Straight Dope

Get answers from the all-knowing, all-sarcastic Cecil Adams!

The Joe Cartoon Company

Come meet Micro-Gerbil 2001.

Top Five.Com

They've got lists out the ass!


Get your daily joke fix here.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The official home of Frank N. Furter, Brad & Janet, and the gang.

Chronological Crue

The BEST site on the web for the epitomy of scum, Motley Crue. I love you, Nikki!--Amy


For REAL rock and roll, click here!

The Game Show Network

Come on down, dammit! This network kicks butt.

The Learning Channel

Creators of "A Wedding Story", "A Baby Story", and "The Operation".

The Weather Channel

Too lazy to step outside, scumbag? That's what The Weather Channel is for!


Home of the greatest inventor of modern times, Ron Popeil!