is officially closed to make way for the..


I'd like to take this opportunity to tell all Lucky Charm fans that I appreciate the great feedback I've received these past four years. It's been a delight to entertain you. You've all been, for the most part a terrific audience, and I thank you for your support.

I decided to close up this site for two reasons: One, I've been receiving email from some REAL perverts lately, addressing me personally, and I'm sorry but I'm above all that garbage. Secondly, I'm devoting all my time to my NEW, better, even FUNNIER site, The Scum Shopping Network. If you appreciated the humor of "Lucky Charm's Cybersex for Dummies", you're going to LOVE The Scum Shopping Network! This site takes a satirical, absolutely hilarious look at home shopping cable channels, with your hostesses, moi' and one of my best pals, Stephanie. "Products" offered (not really for sale, though!) include "I Can't Believe It's Not Fungus!" press-on nails, "White-be-damned" teeth rottening toothpaste, "Varmint, the Turbo-charged Scooter for Immobile People", "Crack Attack! Butt Scratcher", and "POW! America's Favorite Fart Lighter." Also includes SSN's Country and Western Song Title Maker. If you love satire, hate home shopping channels, or just plain want to laugh your butt off, you've GOT to visit this site!

Again, I thank you all for having visited "Lucky Charm's Cybersex for Dummies". But remember, just because Lucky is gone doens't mean the laughter has to end. Visit The Scum Shopping Network today. I guarantee you'll find it much wittier and certainly much more expansive than Lucky Charm. Hope you'll all visit me next door at SSN soon!


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