Scum Shopping Network--Books for Sale



How We Look at Ourselves in the Mirror Without Masturbating Constantly, by David Duchovny and Noah Wyle

America's Scumqueens: A Scandalous Look at the Lives and Loves of Amy and Steph, by Stephanie Granado and Amy Schultz

Twenty-One Days to a Fabulous Looking Muff, by Stephanie Granado

Go Blind with Blinds!, by Stephanie Granado

Tea with Tea': A Violent Novella, by Stephanie Granado

Gain 100 Pounds in One Year!, by Amy Schultz and Dick Tremons

Cross-stitch Your Way to Success!, by Amy Schultz

How to Screw the People That Screw You: A Book Extoling the Virtues of Revenge and Karma, by Amy Schultz

Fourteen Days to Fatness by Dick Tremons



**Please note, for God's Sake: These books do NOT exist (at least not yet!). Do NOT try ordering one. You'll make a complete ass out of yourself. They're listed strictly for entertainment purposes only. Don't call asking for "that book by the TV guys". They'll laugh in your face. Dammit, don't take this crap so seriously!